Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

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(56) The descension of Ved Vyas.

       Bhagwan Ved Vyas, one of the twenty-four descensions of God, reproduced all the scriptures about 5,000 years ago one after another without any substantial delay. He is also referred to with other names in the scriptures like: Vadrayan, Dwaipaya, Vyas, Krishn Dwaipayan and Satyavati-sut. His motherís name was Satyavati so he was called Satyavati-sut; he lived in Vadri-ban in the Himalayas near Badrikashram so he was called Vadrayan; for studying convenience he divided the Vedas into four sections (vyas means to divide) so he was called Vyas or Ved Vyas; and his first name was Krishn Dwaipayan.

Ved Vyas is the producer as well as the protector of the scriptures in this age. In a samadhi state and drowned in the Bliss of Krishn love, he is still in his cave in the Himalayas, covered under a glacier and is totally inaccessible to human beings. There is a reference of his personal meeting with Shankaracharya 2,500 years ago, and another reference is about 500 years ago (in the books of Pushti Marg) when Vallabhacharya, using his Divine powers, went to the cave of Ved Vyas and stayed there three days, talking about the charming Blissfulness of Krishn and His flute as described in the verse of the tenth canto of the Bhagwatam.


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