Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

The Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism by H.D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati (the most important site on Hinduism, the Upanishads, modern Physics, Bhartiya, Sanatan Dharm and more)

Why this is the most
important site on Hinduism.


The most amazing feature of this site is that it gives the total history of Hindu civilization for millions of years.

These web pages contain the Divine knowledge revealed by a most renowned Spiritual Master of India, His Divinity Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, the author of “The True History and the Religion of India”.

“The True History and the Religion of India” is a one-volume condensed writing of the authentic truth of Hinduism. As such, it reveals all the aspects of Hinduism in a precisely concentrated manner and thus it should be regarded and studied as a textbook whose every sentence has its value. It details the complete history, philosophy and the knowledge of Bhartiya religion in a concise encyclopedic style for the first time in hundreds of years.

It’s a dilemma that most of the existing books on Hinduism, especially those appearing in the English language, even if written by Indian scholars, bear the bias of western influence, and to date none of them represent the correct view of total authentic Hinduism.

They show the effect of those false and adverse publications by the British diplomats and the Orientalists of 17th, 18th and the 19th centuries (see articles 31 to 38). Its effects have gone so deep into the educational systems of India that it has prompted even Hindu scholars to publish derogatory writings against their own culture and religion.

If you look to the journals, encyclopedias, university course books and the innumerable selection of books filling the library shelves (and a growing number of websites) in order to gain knowledge about Hinduism, you find that the majority of the information in these English sources are not only misleading and misinterpreted, but often they are wrong.

A school going boy returns home from the school and says that he has learned about Hinduism, and tells you some derogatory story about Hinduism.

If you look to any of the renowned encyclopedia of the world, you will find a lot of wrong and misleading write-ups about Hindu culture, religion and history in it.

You should know that since hundreds of years such misleading and derogatory texts about Hinduism are continuously being taught in the schools and colleges of the world. Indologists, orientalists, historians, professors of Asian studies and even some respected writers form Hindu institutions and religious organizations, study those derogatory and misleading books and form their opinion about Hinduism accordingly.

Considering the seriousness of this situation there was an imperative need to break this veil of long- lived ignorance and reveal the authentic history and the teachings of Bhartiya civilization, which His Divinity Swami Prakashanand Saraswati has Graciously fulfilled. “The True History and the Religion of India” has been written with highest standards of logical investigation, displaying a high degree of scholarly competence in Indian and Western history, religion, philosophy and scientific theories. It is an invaluable asset to everyone desiring to learn about Hinduism and is the guideline to students, research scholars, open-minded historians and teachers as well. It is a Divine gift that can benefit the entire humanity.

This concise volume contains an unprecedented amount of original and authentic information and, as one of the most comprehensive books on human civilization ever written, it gives an authoritative view of the history of world thought. The World Religious Parliament, New Delhi, India has awarded His Divinity Swami Prakashanand Saraswati the title of “Dharm Chakravarti” (Spiritual Master of the World) in recognition of the incredible revelation of authentic knowledge contained in this amazing encyclopedia.

Within its 800 pages, with undeniable evidences, it provides the authentic description about Hinduism in totality.

It also reveals the truth about the theory of creation as elucidated in the Bhagwatam and other scriptures. It delineates the twelve major phases of creation of the universe, precise timings for the transitional phases of our planetary system, the dawn of human civilization, and tells the fact that all of this is not a mere coincidental evolution of mayic energy, but it is a Divinely controlled manifestation.

It details the creation chronology of the Bhagwatam and reviews modern scientific concepts such as evolutionary theory, Hubble’s theory of cosmic expansion, George Gamow’s ‘big bang’ and Allen Guth’s ‘Inflationary theory’ etc. Resolving the discrepancies, scrutinizing their faults and shortcomings with a point-for-point reasoning, it gives the correct Divine philosophy and, by doing so it reconciles the truth on the firm Divine foundation where faith, reason and science could meet.

This book reveals how the Bhagwatam, the prime scripture that represents the total knowledge of all the Bhartiya scriptures, reveals the sweetest form of God’s love and shows the path of pure bhakti which is the soul of Sanatan Dharm.

“The True History and the Religion of India” reveals and explains the teachings and the philosophies of all of the prominent Bhartiya scriptures with significant quotations, along with the general philosophy of the eleven most important Upanishads. The Jain and Buddh religions are also discussed, along with their philosophies. An overview of the life history and the teachings of the important Divine personalities of the past 5,000 years is also given. As such, one single volume of this encyclopedic book amazingly holds the most valuable total information of Hindu religion, history and philosophy at one place. It signifies that bhakti is the essence of Hindu Dharm, which represents God with all of His Divine virtues.

It also resolves and reconciles the apparent philosophical contradictions by establishing the fact that all the religions of India, which relate to its historical Divine personalities, are based on the common ground of pure devotion to God, and thus, are all one.

In this way, this site, which consists of 70 articles and represents several hundred pages of “The True History and the Religion of India”, provides an accurate and authentic view of Hinduism.


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