Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

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(5) Divine writings cannot be analyzed in a material way.

       Itís a common universal rule that a layman cannot argue with the opinion of an expert although both are in the material field. Then how could a worldly being, possessed with the vehemence of his own passions and desires, try to argue with the writings of Sages and Saints whose entire life was a Divine benevolence for the souls of the world? But it is seen that in the last few centuries most of the European writers, for some of their own personal reasons, willfully tried to derogate our religion and culture to the limits of their egotism, and a number of our Hindu writers followed the same trend.

You must know that the outcome of a material mind is always imperfect no matter how much of a genius a person is. But the Divine writings of our Divine personalities are always perfect and complete. As far as the historic part of our scriptures is concerned it is just the actual happening which is described in it. But the descriptions of our Puranas, Upnishads and the other scriptures are not only the happenings of the material plane, they also include the happenings of the Divine and the celestial dimensions. This is the reason that sometimes they donít fit within the conceptual framework of a material mind.

So, one has to expand the mental vision of his understanding to comprehend the truth of those happenings. But, it happened that the subtle effects of the diplomatically pre-planned derogative writings on Hindu culture and religion by the Europeans like Sir William Jones and Max MŁller etc. infected the minds of certain Hindu intellectuals to such an extent that, forgetting our Divine greatness, they also started calling our Puranas a myth which is an absolutely misleading term. It is like someone announcing that he himself is dead. If he is dead, how could he announce about his death. It could only be an expression of the instability of his mind. You should know that all of our religious writings are Divine facts, and facts always remain facts, they cannot become myths. Using the word myth for our religious history is a serious spiritual transgression.


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