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(42) A new trend of anti-Hinduism
that has developed in the name of Hinduism.

       In the recent years some of the Hindu writers have adopted a new trend of representing a purely atheistic view in the name of Hinduism. Their ideology is totally influenced by the writers like Radhakrishnan, Max Müller and others and their style of representation is devoid of proper respect towards the Sages, Saints and the descensions of God on the earth planet. In fact, their views are totally non-Godly, because they don’t believe in the true Divine God Who is supremely loving, Gracious, kind and all-beautiful; rather their God is a formless spirit or energy or soul (atma).

Although sometimes they ignore the indecent statements of meat eating as said by Max Müller etc., but they use the rest of their derogatory views. For example: Max Müller repeatedly stated in his writings the words, Highest Self, or Supreme Soul, or Old Man (purushah puranah) for supreme God and in this way he condemned the Divine personality of God. Radhakrishnan and others went one step ahead and called God as spirit (which is the term of the Bible). They also derogated the supreme Divinity Bhagwan Ram and Krishn and gave a lot of praise to Buddh whose path is called ‘shoonya vad.’

There is a “theory of evolution” introduced by some theorists including Darwin which tells that from aquatic worms the whole living world evolved: a worm becomes a fish, then a frog, then a reptile, then a mammal, then a dinosaur/shrew, then a monkey and then a human being. The illogicality and the unscientific approach of this theory is discussed in Article 44. Some Hindu writers try to compare this materialistic and unscientific ideology with the Divine descensions of God telling that they are the links of evolution.

Take one example: God Nrasingh appeared to protect His devotee Prahlad and to kill the demon Hiranyakashyap, and because the demon had a celestial boon that he would not be killed by any animal or anyone in a human form, so God had to assume the shape of half animal and half human to protect the credibility of the boon and to kill the demon. Similarly there are Divine reasons for the descensions of Matsya (Divine fish), Varah (Divine boar) and Kachchap (Divine tortoise). Other descensions were in human form out of which the descensions of Bhagwan Ram and Krishn are the most important as They revealed the true path to God and established bhakti. Kachchap and Varah descensions were in the celestial dimension.

The descensions other than Bhagwan Ram and Krishn were for certain specific Divine purposes. But the descension of Buddh was only to show the path of compassion and renunciation and not the path to God. So his philosophy is non-Godly and there is absolutely no description of any part of the Divinity in that, not even the soul. Thus, the approach of his philosophy is only up to the subtle mind of a human being (and not the soul), and the existence of the “absolute nothingness” only (and not God). So it is called shoonya vad (shoonya means nothing).

Those modern writers, on one side, induce the worldliness of an unscientific evolutionary theory into the Divine events of our descensions of God and, on the other side, they elevate the personality of Buddh and ignore the absolute Divine greatness of Ram and Krishn Whose Blissful leelas were so great that they had stolen the heart of God Shiv Who Himself is God of liberation. On the top of that they try to claim that they are defining Sanatan Dharm.

Such tendencies are called transgressions when they draw a parallel between the Divine philosophy of the Upnishads with the theory of Buddhism and try to equalize the Blissful state of Divine liberation (mokch) with the shoonya vad or nirvan (nothingness) of Buddhism.

These Hindu writers, in the name of Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism degrade the Hindu religion by disregarding the supremacy of the personal form of God, calling Him super soul or spirit etc. They do not give proper respect to the Vedic Rishis, Sages and Saints, and, calling them sectarians, they totally disregard the teachings of the acharyas and Jagadgurus whose whole life was a Divine benevolence for every soul of the world. They introduce Bhagwan Ram and Krishn only as historical figures who spread Hindu civilization up to the south and the north of India.

This is all the effect of the western writers on the Hindu minds that collected the intellectual dirt of the followers of the English regime (knowingly or unknowingly) and tried to smear it on the face of Hinduism in their own intellectual style. Otherwise, how could a true Hindu overlook the Divine greatness of Bhagwan Ram and Krishn Whose loving leelas are the soul of Hinduism, and a fraction of Whose Divine power is Maha Vishnu, Who has created the entire universe.



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