Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

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(20) Purity of the heart and non-vegetarianism.

Once a person asked me if he could become a devotee because he was a non-vegetarian. I said that any soul of the world could become a devotee of God provided that he has a sincere desire to meet Him, because He sees the present faith of a devotee not the sins of the past. But there is one thing that after becoming a devotee one cannot remain a non-vegetarian for a long time because a true and correct devotion purifies the heart of a devotee and as such he would never tolerate the killing of animals or the poor sea beings for the luxury of his palate. Accordingly, you can surmise that those who believe themselves or claim themselves to be a devotee of God and still enjoy their non-vegetarian meals, they have not even touched the real path of devotion, they are just toiling around the religious rituals and fancying their mind with the idea that God resides within them. It is a fact that God is omnipresent, but you have to recognize His personal presence near you, and His affinity in your heart through devotion, only then you could be called a devotee.

Thus, we have discussed the origin and the development of Greek and Roman civilizations, religions, and the religious theologies with a comparison to Bhartiya philosophy in detail. Now we come to the topic of the language and the religion of the English people.


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