(46) The western world knew only mythologies.

       Before 2,000 years, when the world had a fair amount of population, the communication between the countries was extremely poor. There were only some trade connections between them. Even up to 200 years ago the communication system was very poor. The newspaper industry started in the early 19th century and national telephone communication systems started developing only at the end of the 19th century when the Bell telephone company spread its services to most of the major cities of the USA.

It has been explained earlier how the mythologies developed in the West through the trade connections, and, on that basis, how the religions of the world were formed. Thus, from the very beginning, the western civilization knew only the mythologies and the mythological religions of their country. Because of the lack of communication they could not receive the Divine truth of the Hindu scriptures which was in great detail; and when the communication systems developed, at that time the British were ruling India.

In this situation, when the people of the world know only mythological God and the dogmatic descriptions of their religious books, it takes time and patience to understand the true reality of the supreme Divine God, His Divine abode, His Divine forms, His Divine Saints and Their Divine actions which are described in the scriptures like the Upnishads, the Puranas, the Gita and the Brahm Sutra etc.

Had the world learned the real truth of Hindu scriptures which is Graciously gifted by God Himself for the good of humankind, there would have been real and true ‘God consciousness’ in the world. The crime rate and the political exploitations in the world would have been much less than they are at present, and the scientific researches and the developments that are related to the evolution or creation of the cosmos (or any part of it) would have been going in the right direction instead of going on in the wrong direction; because Hindu scriptures give the true guideline of the creation of the universe, creation of our earth planet and the sun, development of life on the earth planet, and the karmic and devotional destiny of the human beings.


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