Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

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(36) Major falsehoods as promoted by the British.

       Accordingly they created three groups of major falsehoods to deteriorate Hindu culture. They were:

1. Sages and Saints: To demean the Vedic Rishis, Sages and brahmans by calling them savages and to degrade all our great Masters and acharyas (because the early inhabitants of the British Isles were like savages, and prior to that, according to the Old Testament, the generation during the 1200’s BC was such that sometimes they slept with animals for carnal fun. So, killing and eating bulls, cows, horses and sacrificing animals was their regular routine).

2. Literature: To despise the authentic greatness of the Sanskrit language and to condemn all the scriptures including the Vedas, calling them a myth and poetical imagination (because they themselves had nothing but myths and the frantic expressions of fighting and killing of demons etc., like their ancient topmost classical book, Beowulf, written around 700 AD, describes about the mythological person Beowulf who went on an expedition and killed a savage monster and fire breathing dragons).

3. History: To reject the authentic history and to fabricatingly reconstruct a false history of India by making Chandragupt Maurya a contemporary of Alexander and making it a fixed point in their writings, and also by fixing the date of Hindu scriptures between 1200 BC and 1000 AD in order to fit in with their Aryan invasion fiction (because their own early history is the history of barbarism, and the later history is the history of lust, greed, cruelty, riots and wars with no spirituality at all).

In this way throwing their social and historical dirt on the Hindu culture by mutilating it, and thus, showing themselves that they are better than us, they ruled India for about two hundred years.

During the 19th century and the early 20th century almost all of the writers and the historians exactly followed the above guidelines of falsehood as established by the diplomats of the British regime. They were all either employed or appointed and influenced by them to write such books. Thus, there were quite a number of books written by the famous writers of that time with detailed statements and charts that elaborated the wrong descriptions. So, the few, who were independent writers, followed the same wrong tradition because that was the only available material for them to get the information for their writings.

In this way the entire literary work of the whole world was infused with such ideas. The Encyclopaedia Britannica was fed with all the wrong information about Indian culture, religion and history as written by Jones, Max Müller and others, and the other encyclopedias blindly followed the same tradition. It should be kept in mind that the British Empire was the most powerful empire in the world in those days. So it was quite easy for them to manipulate all the literary works of that period.

We are giving the samples of the writings of a few writers: some of the Asiatic Researches and Pargiter. You will see that their writings bear the motivations of the same class and kind with the same kind of fabrications of Bhartiya history.



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