Saint Ved Vyas relating the Bhagwatam to Shukdeo (3100 B.C.)

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(1) The unbroken continuity of Indian civilization and its history.

       The history of a country is not only the history of its ruling people, but it also includes the history of its eminent spiritual personalities and their philosophies, without which the history of that country is incomplete. As regards the history of India, it is an entirely different situation because India (Bharatvarsh) is such a place on the earth planet which is not much affected by the natural calamities and disasters like the ice age and the prolonged spine chilling, icy cold storms and blizzards that happen in America and the European countries at the beginning and at the recessing period of these ice ages. Thus, the history of the uninterrupted survival of the civilization of India (although it may be localized in a small area of the country) goes back to an unbelievable period of time which could easily be said to be the beginning of the human civilization on the earth planet, whereas the history of the other countries of the world is the history of only 6,000 to 8,000 years.

Even today there are no physical means that could hold or represent the information of the Indian history in its original form without any flaw, fault, change or damage for such a long period of time. It is beyond human power. At the same time, it is also very important that, for the knowledge and the encouragement of the existing generation, the glories of the past must be known to them. To solve this problem the Divine power helps. The kind, merciful and Gracious God, Who is omnipresent in the world and Who has evolved this universe for the good of the mankind, from time to time, sends His eternal Saints on the earth planet who maintain this knowledge with their Divine power and reproduce it on the earth planet in the form of the books. That’s how the unbroken continuity of the original records of the history is made possible to be available in every generation of the human civilization. These revelations also contain the knowledge of God, God realization, and its related philosophy and literature.

A brief history of creation, and the Puranas.

With the will of God this universe comes into being which was in its absolutely subtle state, residing dormant in God. Prior to the dormant state it was in its evolved form as it is today; and this system of creation of the universe and then its dissolution into its dormant energy form has been perpetually going on since eternity. It’s illogical to think that this world would have popped up like the imagination of the Big Bang theory, and that some day it might retreat and finish. Everything, whatever we observe today, is perpetually ever-existing.

Now when the cosmos is created, souls need to be produced which are also eternal and unlimited in number. At that time God creates unlimited number of chief celestial god named Brahma, and, at the same time, unlimited ‘spacial space pockets’ are created in the universe which are occupied by one Brahma who then creates an earth planet and the celestial worlds of gods and goddesses. All of this creation of one Brahma is called one brahmand. There are an amazing number of brahmandas along with an earth planet in every galaxy. Right before the creation of the earth planet the cycles of ‘time’ are also formed (which is the evolution of the ‘time’ energy) to induce the progressiveness of the events and help maintain the total history of the earth planet for trillions of years.

There are three cycles of time: (a) The smallest one is called chaturyugi and it is of 4.32 million years, (b) the second bigger one is called manvantar and it is of (4.32x1,000) ÷ 14 million years, and (c) the third one is of 4,320 million years. This is called kalp, which is one day of Brahma. Brahma lives for 100 years x 360 days and nights of his life, which comes to 311.04 trillion years. His present age is the 1st day of the 51st year, which is 155.521972 trillion years. Since then the history of Bharatvarsh originates. The existing kalp started 1,972 million years ago and the existing manvantar started 120 million years ago.

In the Puranas the events of the remote past, like the early years of Brahma, are very briefly described; the events of the present day of Brahma are described in detail; and the events of the last part of this cycle, the age of kali, are further detailed. In this way we have a continuous history of the important events of Bharatvarsh (India) since the creation of the earth planet and up till today.


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